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James Orin Ogle


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James Ogle is a career entrepreneur – he experienced early success in real estate investing while serving clients investment objectives through project specific equity/debt financing. Ogle brings 35 years of experience in identifying and developing new niche opportunities for good investment, across multiple industry sectors. He is presently Chief Executive Officer of Intellectual Dynamics Corporation, aka IDC Companies. IDC is a project development, project financing, and management consulting firm with four divisions of focus; Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Energy and Infrastructure.

Ogle has worked with investor client relations at Regional Acquisitions, Inc. as a SVP. His responsibilities included sourcing, and securing private capital from private and institutional investors. In his earlier years he founded and built a successful mortgage company. His team developed strategic financial relationships and a variety of financial products that served the interests of borrowers and investors in tandem. Ogle Founded and served as CEO of Pacific Worldwide Funding Corp – a New York corporation from (1984 – 1992). He earned a Graduate Diploma (1985) New York University – Real Estate Investment Analysis. Ogle resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

My Philosophy

The fact that something has not been done is no evidence that it cannot be done, it’s merely a fact that no one has yet done it, someone will.- James Orin Ogle

A friend with no courage is an ally of your enemy.- James Orin Ogle

Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.- James Orin Ogle

I Agree

I have come to learn that adversity does not build character as it is thought; adversity reveals character. .- General Tommy Franks

As I get older I pay less attention to what people say I just watch what they do.- Andrew Carnegie

In every community there is work to be done. In every nation there are wounds to heal. In every heart there is power to do it.- Marianne Williamson

My favorite prayer? “Thank You!”.- Mya Angelo

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